Gold Choice Wedding Cars - Beaufords


Experience timeless elegance with the Beauford

When a Beauford passes, people know it can only be a bride and, "That's what I want!" is heard all the time.

This two passenger car is the car reserved for the bride and her father to go to the wedding or the car for the bride and the groom to share alone just after they are married.

It seats only two passengers since the front passenger seat has been removed to make room for THE WEDDING DRESS – the most expensive and beautiful dress you are ever likely to wear.

To keep that dress and your hair, make-up and headdress from getting windswept, and blown-to-pieces after spending all morning getting ready, you will drive with the top up. However, the Beauford is convertible (which means the soft top folds down) and your driver will take the top down, weather permitting, for photos at either your place of ceremony or your reception.


The Beauford Tourer is designed to look like a vintage car. In reality, the first cars were made in 1985. At the front is a long bonnet with flowing wings at either side to give the appearance of a 1930s Style Grand Tourer luxury car. Because of the classic look of the vehicles the cars have become immensely popular as wedding transport.  


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